Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Okay, the following have come up as concrete ideas for how we should spend some of our free time in Paris, Venice, and Florence:

  • Day 1 boat ride on the Seine through Paris after sundown!  Tour would take us by the Eiffel Tower lit up by thousands of lights!  Cost 14 Euro.
  • Day 2 or 3 Parisian catacombs - totally amazing but very popular.  Must be prepared to wait in line for over an hour to see.  Would be best to make reservations ahead of time: Catacombs
  • Day 4 in Venice - gondola rides through canals (probably a must!) cost around 20 Euro.
  • Day 5 or 6 in Florence - Pisa by night!  It was originally thought that spending three hours on the bus just to see the leaning tower would be too much of a time-sacrifice, however because our hotel is located half-way between Florence and Pisa it makes it possible to do a quicker trip over for some sight seeing after dinner.  Cost if all 40 students commit would be 15 Euro.
  • Days 7 or 8 in Rome - Roman catacombs (easier to organize for larger groups) guided tour lasts 45 minutes.  Cost 14 Euro.

Thoughts anyone?

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